Task Forces

In specific cases, ad hoc Task Forces are formed to deal with occasional topics. Such topics currently include:

TF T+1

Chair: Elly van Gils

- analysing (potential) consequences for the EU (Dutch market) of the implementation of T+1 in the US in May 2024. Next to this is analysing (potential) consequences of a possible implementation within the EU.

TF CSDR Implementation

Chair: t.b.n.

- assisting member banks in their preparation of adapting their processes and/or systems to the requirements of the Regulation and its related Regulatory Technical Standards and providing a platform for discussion about interpretation, definitions, standards, etc.

TF SRD2 Implementation

Chair: t.b.n.

- analysing (potential) consequences of the implementation of the amended Directive into national law, including preparing positions concerning proposed European Level 2 and national legislation.